Puerto Princesa


The hospitality and the welcoming I felt when I first arrived was reassuring.  Jonathan the owner of the Bamboo Nest and a group of young local Palawan’s that invited me out for conversation, dinner and karaoke.  Puerto Princesa like many cities unlike our own can be overwhelming.  The streets are ramshackled and the knowledge of how the scooter system works would probably take me years to learn. Luckily I happened to share a dorm with (Maica) from north of Puerto whose boyfriend happened to be working in Sydney.  I think she was intrigued that I was on my own and we or should I quickly chewed her ear of.  Her mother works as a NGO in Malawi.  Maica has not seen her for a very long time.  You get a sense that her mother has worked hard to provide a lifestyle that not many Filipinos have.  Well educated and the yearning for greater things.  She told me how she loves going back to see her grandparents, who live a simple life, tending the ducks and gardens.  However in a world where money rules, having an education and not just a basic education is important.  I have met many filipinos who are completing their masters and are extremely proud that they can help their family.  This is another observation, family is the bread and butter that life is built around.  You are not just providing for yourself but everyone in the family.  Maica would like to complete a masters in tourism and become a travel guide.  I am glad she friended me on facebook because I hope one day some of you might have the pleasure of taking a tour with Maica.  She certainly helped me when trying to get around the town, even though we still got lost.  I am also selfishly excited that her mother works at a hospital in Malawi with children hence when I visit Malawi I might just meet her and of course Madonna.










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