Lost opportunity or a blessing in disguise

My plans for this blog was to post various stories every month or so but thanks to circumstances out of my control, (or should I say in my control if I took the time to smell the roses), thanks to a broken foot, I found I had writers block.  I just couldn’t write about or even face the prospect of writing about the incredible time I have had so far knowing that it came to a crashing stop.  For the first few days, I would say I was feeling crap, the reality of what I was in for.  I think it actually has taken me two weeks, up to the last visit to the doctors to get back into a positive frame of mind.  As much as I love traveling solo, there are times like this that having a companion would have been great, but maybe not so.  If I was with someone else there is the guilt that you have changed their plans, at least when you are on your own, you only have yourself to feel sorry for.  However, when you are on your own it is difficult to do just the little things like carrying food/drink, going up to the shop and even bathroom/cleaning yourself issues.  So the decision to book a hotel in Chang Mai for a couple of weeks was a no brainer. It gave me time to rest the foot, the convenience of room service, getting around without annoying people and probably for the first time it gave me time to reflect since I left home.  The drawback when you stay in a hotel is that it was a bit isolating, although I think I bought this on myself.  I really couldn’t be bothered.  Maybe I was harsh and putting pressure on myself but I felt I failed in someway.  It was not all gloom and doom I have seen first hand how events can have a terrible effect on the mind.  I made sure that this was not going to happen.  What did keep me focused was that I was only going to be immobilised for a short time, not a life time.  I have my mind I will have my two feet back and I did bring my walking sticks and ankle support, thanks to past foot issues.  (Maybe my sister shouldn’t sell my fathers mobile scooter, I think I will need it in the future).  Knowing this and thinking about how bloody lucky I am, made me reassess what my purpose of the journey is and to take a different tack with my writing.  The hair and tortoise comes to mind. So I will with new vigour post the next series of blogs.  Oh and I have completed the video just look for the link.

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