Nearly two years ago when I decided that being an on-going teaching was no longer a profession I could believe in, I begun to look within myself and find out what was my purpose on this earth.  What was it that I was really passionate about?  Not necessarily what I was good at, but what was it that I enjoyed to do?  Yes, I am a bit of an idealist and a dreamer and what I saw in my mind and what was in fact reality dawned on me,  I will be out of work and the security of a full time job that had given me a certain comfort was not going to be there.  Leaving was going to bring uncertainty in a world that is becoming more uncertain.  Additionally, I’m not getting any younger.   So the decision to give up my profession could be a horrible mistake.  However what had occurred to me as I made this monumentous decision was that I had become apathetic to life, I had lost direction, even angry at the world.  I really needed a good kick up the bum, I needed to challenge myself.  

There are zillions of blogs/vlogs and millions that nobody gives to hoots about.  (Pobably even mine) So as I start out on my journey of discovery, the purpose of this blog/vlog is for me to give the opportunity to let others tell their story.

I plan to depart Australia and do what I do best and travel.  No, not a travel blog that shows off places I am visiting, not even a journal of the amazing places in the world.  There are plenty of those around.  The travellers or tourists who “do” a country viewing the world as an outsider that judge a way of life that is often ridiculed and compared. I often hear from citizens from my own country, “Omg they don’t have this, how sad, we live in such a lucky country”.  But the word luck means it was by chance and there are many citizens in my own country that are not part of that lucky ideology.  As tourists we often see citizens outside of our own culture/society as sad victims, you know the ads that ask you to donate money to large charity organsiations, using their sad faces next to a famous face.  

So my purpose is to write a blog and create vlogs that has two purposes. One: to show a voice to people who are often judged and ridiculed from afar thanks to a skewed agenda by a dominant ideology, including mainstream media about what makes a local, national or global citizen. 

Two:  I would like to develop my own filmmaking and photography style. I hope to work in places, (in time) so I am not unemployed. I would like others to see my work and find ways to collaborate.  The idea of creating educational resources, showcase visual art forms and maybe work with young people in an educational slant.  

So there you have it my purpose is out in the open for all of you to see but like a good set of steak knives there will be more than film, photography and travel posted on my blog. I will, at times be posting some entertaining blogs/vlogs that will in a sense have no connection to my purpose.  Let’s just say I have many role models that will become clearer as my journey continues and there is more than one way to skin a cat. Lets just hope some of those that inspire me also get to see my Ode to them also.  So let the adolescent in me show that being a child is an aspiration not a limitation.

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